Trendy magic mushroom therapy endorsed by Prince Harry triggers ‘significant psychological distress’ in 13 per cent who try it, major report reveals

More than one in 10 people undergoing trendy psychadelic mushroom therapy — endorsed by celebrities including Prince Harry — experience 'significant psychological distress', concerning data today suggested.Experts in the US, who tracked the self-reported behaviours of almost 10,000 psilocybin users, discovered hundreds of reports of paranoia, intense fear and even vivid hallucinations.One claimed to experience 'feelings of dying, impending doom, torture' on

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Nicholas Brackney, Dell: How we leverage a four-pillar AI strategy

Dell is deeply embedded in the AI landscape, leveraging a comprehensive four-pillar strategy to integrate the technology across its products and services. Nicholas Brackney, Senior Consultant in Product Marketing at Dell, discussed the company’s AI initiatives ahead of AI & Big Data Expo North America. Dell’s AI strategy is structured around four core principles: AI-In, AI-On, AI-For, and AI-With: “Embedding

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EU launches office to implement AI Act and foster innovation

The European Union has launched a new office dedicated to overseeing the implementation of its landmark AI Act, which is regarded as one of the most comprehensive AI regulations in the world. This new initiative adopts a risk-based approach, imposing stringent regulations on higher-risk AI applications to ensure their safe and ethical deployment. The primary goal of this office is

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