Automated system teaches users when to collaborate with an AI assistant

Artificial intelligence models that pick out patterns in images can often do so better than human eyes — but not always. If a radiologist is using an AI model to help her determine whether a patient’s X-rays show signs of pneumonia, when should she trust the model’s advice and when should she ignore it? A customized onboarding process could help

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Google’s Gemini Is the Real Start of the Generative AI Boom

The history of artificial intelligence has been punctuated by periods of so-called “AI winter,” when the technology seemed to meet a dead end and funding dried up. Each one has been accompanied by proclamations that making machines truly intelligent is just too darned hard for humans to figure out.Google’s release of Gemini, claimed to be a fundamentally new kind of

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AI multi-speaker lip-sync has arrived

Rask AI, an AI-powered video and audio localisation tool, has announced the launch of its new Multi-Speaker Lip-Sync feature. With AI-powered lip-sync, 750,000 users can translate their content into 130+ languages to sound as fluent as a native speaker.   For a long time, there has been a lack of synchronisation between lip movements and voices in dubbed content. Experts believe

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